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Asylum Seeker brought to Court for lack of ID sparks interference in the process.

This recent approach of prosecuting internationl protection applicant for lack of ID is a clear interference with the internation protection process to deter applicant from entering the state and apply for international protection.

When an applicant enter the state and apply for international protection their claim is then processed by the international protection office and if their claim is not successful they have right of appeal to the international protection appeals tribunal.

By arresting and prosecting asylum seekers for lack of ID is an interference in the proces and a breach of their rights to applying for international protection.

This is another attempt by the authorites to deter asylum seekers from entering the state. In 2019 the authorites took similar approach to prevent Georgian nationals from applying for asylum by arrested then at the airport and removing them without legal assistance.

The Goverment need to fucuss and reforming this broken system to ensure that international protection claim are process in an efficiently.

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