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01. Immigration and International Protection

Immigration and International Protection

Our firm has experience in dealing with all aspects of immigration and International Protection law. We have experience in dealing with the Department of Justice in relation to all residency applications, humanitarian applications, Visa applications and Appeals, EU Treaty Rights applications, EU Treaty rights review applications, Zambrano Application, International Protection applications, and Appeals and Citizenship Applications.

We also provide legal advice and representation in relation to International Protection and Appeals Tribunal hearings, Residency Application, Visa Application, and EU Treaty Rights, Deportation Order and Removal Order.

If you are served with deportation and want to know whether there are any grounds on which it can be challenged, please contact us. It is important that you contact us at the earliest opportunity. We also deal with the matter in relation to EU Treaty Rights applications and reviews.

If you are detained at the airport, garda station, or prison by the immigration authorities and requires assistance, please contact us. We have the experience in dealing with these matters and we will ensure that your rights are protected.

Asylum Seekers

We have the experience, the track record and the know how in dealing with asylum seekers. We understand the difficult situation you find yourself in flee persecution and arrive in a foreign country where everything is new to you and often face issues such as language barriers.

We will ensure that your human rights are protected during the application process and that you are provided with all the necessary assistance that you are entitled to. We advise and represent both legal aid and private clients.

We have vast experience in dealing with International Protection Applicants (asylum seekers) and provide advice and representation at International Protection Office and International Protection Tribunal Stage. We have a good track record and success rate in dealing with appeals before the International Protection Appeals Tribunal.

If you receive a negative decision on a visa application, a deportation order, a negative decision from the International Protection Office or the International Protection appeals Tribunal, please contact us so we can provide you with  the extensive assistance that you require. 

If you receive a positive decision from the International Protection Office or the International Protection Appeals Tribunal and need assistance in applying for family reunification, please contact us, we can help you.

Get in touch.

If you need to make an immigration application, asylum application or if you are served with a deportation or removal order, we can help, please contact us.

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