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06. Judicial Review.

Judicial Review.

We have experience in dealing with Judicial Review matters in relation to International Protection Appeals Tribunal decisions and decisions of the International Protection Office. We have high track records in terms of success in these matters. 

We have a very good success rate in the High Court in relation to all Judicial Review matters in relation to Immigration and International Protection Appeals decisions. Our team has the experience and the know how in assessing your case to see whether there might be grounds to challenge a decision on a point of law. Our team will advise you and assist you the process.

We also have the experience in dealing with a habeas corpus application. If you believe that you have been detained illegally for an immigration matter or criminal law matters, please note that you have a right to a solicitor, our team is here to help.

If you receive a negative decision from the International Protection Appeals Tribunal or the International Protection office and need legal advice on whether you might have grounds for Judicial Review, please contact us we might be able to assist you.

Get in touch.

If you receive a negative decision from a Tribunal or lower court and want to know whether you can challenge this decision in the High Court, we can help, please contact us.

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