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What is Our Mission?

Steer Law Solicitors

Our overall objective is to utilise our experience and skills as a team to provide effective and practical legal advice and representation to our clients to help solve their legal problems. Our client’s interest will always be at the forefront of what we do. Our approach is simple, we listen to our client’s problems and then apply our experience and expertise in solving those problems.

Steer Law Solicitors

Our Vision

As a firm we recognise that our clients do not need lawyers, they need results so we aim to provide a service that is tailored to meet their needs to get those results.

We continue to use our expertise to adopt and implement changes as they arise to service our clients needs. We aim to transform into a paperless and cashless firm within 5 years. As we live in a world that constantly changes, we will continue to change with the times and stay a step ahead of in order to serve our clients and partners.


Mr. Stevroy Steer

Founder of Steer Law Solicitors

Stevroy Steer graduated from Griffith College Dublin in 2008 with a LLB Honours Degree accredited by Nottingham Trent University. Stevroy worked in a small Dublin firm general practice before moving to another Dublin office in 2015 and completed his training. Upon qualifying Stevroy practice in areas of Immigration and International Protection, Family Law and Child Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injuries Litigation, and Insolvency. Stevroy gained a wealth of experience in these areas advising and representing clients in the Courts and Tribunals.

Stevroy has gained a wealth of experience at District Court, Circuit Court and High Court level and has a lot of experience in High Court Judicial review matters and has won successfully settled many cases. He also has a vast experience and in the International protection Appeals Tribunal, The Social Welfare Appeals Tribunal and the Citizenship Revocation Committee.


Tel: 045 881 859

Who I am? 

A Law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.

(Henry Ward Beecher)


We are a very dedicated team who takes our roles and responsibilities seriously. We will always act in our client’s best interest towards a successful outcome in their case. We demonstrate to our client from the outset that we do care and that they are important to us. 

We aim to maintain those standards by recruiting the people with the right skills set, ambition, experience and work ethic that can contribute and help the firm achieving its goals and at the same time maintaining standards.
Our aim is to get the job done by being reliable, keep our promise and manage our client’s expectations. When circumstances arise we will always do our best to make a situation right.

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