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05. Family Law

Family Law.

We have experience in dealing with all family law matters and we understand the sensitive nature of your case and we will handle your matter with absolute professionalism.

We will provide you with practical legal advice that is tailored to the situation.


We will advise you at the earliest opportunity of all the options available to you including mediation and in cases where children are involved, we will ensure that their rights are protected.

If you need legal advice or representation in relation to any issues that might arise. We can help you. 

Litigation Disputes

If you find yourself the subject of:

-Domestic Violence,
- Divorce, 
- Judicial Separation, 
- Custody, 
- Guardianship, 
- Access

Whether you are the applicant or the respondent and need legal advice or representation we can assist you. We understand how difficult this can be for all parties involved. Our experience team who understand the sensitive nature of your case will provide all the assistance, legal advice and support including mediation in order for you to have a successful outcome.

We understand the emotions that are involved especially when children are involved, we will deal with your case in a very dignified matter by respecting your privacy and advise and guide you to the best possible outcome in the circumstances.

We have the experience in dealing with family law matters from divorce to Judicial Separation, Guardianship applications, Custody applications, Access Applications, Maintenance applications and Domestic Violence Applications.


If you need legal advice and representation in making or defending any of the above applications please contact us, we can assist you.

Get in touch.

If you have been served with a Summon or want to institute proceeding or looking for advice in relation to mediation, we can help you, please contact us.

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